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When at least twelve families have signed the contractual framework, we will hold the inaugural general meeting, where everybody will get a chance to meet each other. All the participants will introduce themselves and the founding charter is signed. You are now officially a member of your owner association and the 21-5 team will begin the search and purchase of the vacation properties.

The investment, and a deposit of one year of maintenance fee, is due one to two weeks after the inaugural meeting, and the funds are placed in the owner association’s own bank account.

The 21-5 concept is solely made for private individuals and families that invest with cash funds. Our current over 450 families typically had access to saved up funds or existing home equity.

Corporate funds or corporate owners are not included in our owner associations. Both because of the significantly more complicated tax implications and lack of transparency, but also because 21-5 is for families, and their close friends, who know and trust each other.


Sunset from the roof deck of a 21-5 townhouse in Southern France


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