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The Large owner association will have vacation homes with a minimum of 2-3 bedrooms. 

The association is currently being assembled and the vacation homes will be found and purchased subsequent to the inauguration. It typically takes 12-18 months before all 5 vacation homes have been found, purchased, renovated and handed over to their 21 co-owning families. We take the necessary time to find the perfect homes.

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Hawaii - Whistler - Tofino - Palm Springs - Okanagan Valley

With an ownership share in a Large owner association, you become a co-owner (1/21) of 5 beautiful vacation homes at the locations listed above. The homes are solely owned by the 21 families in the owner association.

Cost per ownership share: $495,000 CAD

Monthly maintenance fee: $895 CAD

The Whistler/Blackcomb vacation home will be as close as possible to the central village and ski runs and have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The type of dwelling can be either a townhouse or a condo.

In Palm Springs, or in the extended towns in the Coachella Valley such as Palm Desert and La Quinta, we will purchase a detached single-family house with three bedrooms and expansive outdoor space with private pool. The architectural style we’ll be looking for is either the charm and character of a Hispanic inspired home or the aesthetics and functionality of a mid-century modern house.

In Tofino we will purchase a townhouse or a condo close to town and beaches with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, ample outdoor space and ocean and/or mountain views. 

In Hawaii, the vacation home will be located on the island of Maui. The specific areas will be either in Kapalua or Lahaina on the North West side of the island or in Kihei/Wailea on the South West side. We will purchase either a 1/2 duplex, condo,  townhouse, or a detached house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, outdoor space and, if possible, access to a pool. 

For the Okanagan Valley, the 21-5 owner association will purchase a detached single-family house with three bedrooms and outdoor space with lake views. Our primary focus areas will be the Lake Country just North of Kelowna as this location offers top notch topography, landscapes, views and wineries. Kelowna and West Kelowna itself will not be considered because of the 2% BC Speculation and Vacancy Tax applicable to vacation homes in these two municipalities.  

It typically takes 12-18 months from the time that the owner association is fully assembled with its 21 families, until all 5 vacation homes have been found, purchased, renovated, furnished and are ready to be enjoyed by their owners.


Terrace with a view from a 21-5 Large vacation home on Mallorca, Spain

21-5 gives you a lot more bang for your buck



The illustration here compares buying your own single vacation property to the 21-5 concept;

If you invest $495,000 in your own single vacation property, you will hopefully, get a property that represents a $495,000 value. 

However, if you invest $495,000 in a 21-5 owner association, you will co-own five vacation properties which, on average, represents a value of $2,079,000 each. Five homes which each are far superior in terms of location, size, amenities, furnishing, etc. than a single vacation home acquired for a similar amount of money.  

Furthermore, your monthly cost of ownership, including property taxes, insurance, repairs, etc., will most likely be comparable, or higher, if you own your own single vacation home. 

Last, but not least, 21-5 will ensure a no-stress ownership experience. All you have to do is book your vacation week(s), arrive, and enjoy your five beautiful vacation homes and their amazing locations.

If you'd like to hear more about 21-5 and this available owner association, then please do not hesitate to fill out and submit the form below. You are of course also more than welcome to email or call us.

We look forward to finalizing the Large owner association, and we especially look forward to finding and creating five beautiful vacation homes for the association's families. 




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