The 21-5 concept

Because it makes sense

- when multiple families co-own multiple vacation homes.

As described in the Why section, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck, and 21-5 makes the ownership a no-stress experience.

Most families spend maximum 3-4 weeks on vacation every year so it really doesn’t make sense to buy your own vacation property that sits empty most of the time, while the hassle of maintaining and managing the property is an unavoidable factor all the time. With 21-5 you’ll enjoy your vacation homes for an average of 12 weeks per year. More than enough for most families, and even offering you the opportunity to give any surplus weeks to close friends and extended family. Imagine being able to give your kids, grandkids, parents or close friends a week in one of your vacation homes in Whistler, Hawaii, New York City, Palm Springs or the Okanagan Valley.

Share the expenses, and joys, with other like-minded families. Let the professionals take care of the purchase, renovation and administration.

21 families/owners co-own five beautiful vacation homes in amazing locations, 21-5 handles all the tedious administrative work.

Compare buying a share in one of our ownership associations with spending the same amount buying your own vacation home. It makes so much sense.



DK3's chalet in Chamonix, France


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