The 21-5 concept

How do we join 21-5?

Just as we encourage you to evaluate the concept, the people and track record behind 21-5, we will also evaluate the owners/families considering to be a part of an owner association.

It’s difficult for us to set objective evaluation criteria, so we take our time to meet with each potential family. Not only to answer any questions, but also to gauge if the right fit is there for a given association. We want to make sure that all owners understand the benefits, responsibilities and compromises and, not at least, are trustworthy individuals who will take good care of the vacation homes and their owner association and responsibilities.

When a new owner association is launched, we produce a brief which describes the association, the vacation properties, the finances, etc. The brief can the obtained from 21-5.

Next step is for us to meet face to face. We suggest that we sit down for a cup of coffee. It’s an informal opportunity to get to know each other and discuss the 21-5 concept.

Subsequently, should you wish to proceed, we will send you the contractual framework for you to read and sign. At this point you are not yet committed to the specific owner association.

When at least twelve owners/families have signed the contractual framework, we will hold the inaugural general meeting, where everybody will get a chance to meet each other. All the participants will introduce themselves and the founding charter is signed. You are now officially a member of  the owner association and the 21-5 team will begin the search and purchase of the vacation properties.
The investment is due one to two weeks after the inaugural meeting, and the funds are placed in the owner association’s own bank account.

Should you, unexpectedly, at the inaugural general meeting get cold feet and change your mind, you simply don’t sign the founding charter, tear up the contractual framework you’ve signed, and walk away without any financial or legal commitments. So far, we have never seen this happen.

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The view from the terrace in the European owner association DK9's apartment on Mallorca, Spain


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