The 21-5 concept

How does 21-5 generate its revenue?

Transparency is key at 21-5. We generate our revenue through two sources:

1. When we establish an owner association, we receive a percentage of the total funds raised. This gives us great flexibility to find the right properties and it also eliminates any need for a commission related to the purchase and sale of a property. In other words, we have no conflict of interest and only represent our 21-5 families. Our fee is included in the initial ownership share investment.

All our owner associations have generated more value for the 21-5 families than they invested when they joined their association. A win-win situation. We know this through the market evaluation and sales prices related to the resale of ownership shares. The tangible ownership share appreciation comes primarily from us finding the right vacation properties at the right price points, but also from the value we bring to the properties through the renovation we conduct before we hand over the homes to the 21-5 families. Check out some of the renovations we’ve done here.

2. When the purchase, renovation and interior design has been completed, the specific vacation home is handed over to its 21-5 owner association. At that point we start to receive an administation fee. Our administration fee is included in the monthly maintenance fee covering insurance, property tax, garbage disposal, ongoing maintenance, strata costs, landscaping, accounting and administration and more.

If a family, down the road, wishes to sell their 21-5 ownership share, we are also able to help with that and charge a fee for our services. You are more than welcome find a new family for your ownership share on your own, but it’s been our experience, that we are able to add additional value through our knowledge and network.


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