The 21-5 concept

More bang for your buck

The 21-5 concept gives you much more bang for your buck compared to buying your own vacation property.

Not only does an ownership share in a 21-5 association make a lot of sense in terms of optimizing the use of the homes, because most of us have limited vacation time, it also makes a lot of sense financially.

If you invest $795,000 in your own single vacation property, you will, hopefully, get a property that represents a $795,000 value.
However, if you invest $795,000 in a 21-5 owner association, you will co-own five vacation properties which, on average, represents a value of $3,339,000 each. Five homes which each are far superior in terms of location, size, amenities, furnishing, etc. than a vacation home acquired through a comparable investment.

The reality is that so far, we’ve added more value to the properties for the owners than the cost we charge to find and renovate the properties. The main reasons are:

We find the right property. This might sound easy, but it takes very specific experience and knowledge to see the potential and true market value.

We are usually able to purchase the properties at price points below what a non-professional will pay.

We add significant value through our meticulous and quality-driven renovations.


One of our favourite illustrations showing why 21-5 makes so much sense.

Welcome to DK5's apartment in Paris, France


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