The 21-5 concept

No hassle and real ownership

21-5 makes it easy to own vacation homes.

If you have owned a vacation home, especially far from your primary home, you know the work and worries that comes along.

That is why it’s such a relief for our families/owners that there is no hassle. The purchase, renovation, furnishing, administration and maintenance is taken care of by 21-5.

As expressed by our many owner testimonials; A turn-key no-stress ownership experience. All you have to do is enjoy your five beautiful vacation homes.

Some might initially think that 21-5 is a timeshare concept. It is not.

Timeshare typically evolves around hotel/resort units and vacation style, and you have no ownership. You merely buy time. Hence you only get value from your investment, when you actively use the resort units.

21-5 vacation homes are individual homes at the best locations that you own and therefore will benefit from their long-term marked value appreciation, even if you don’t use all the homes or don’t use all the weeks you have available.

This is why you can compare a share in a 21-5 owner association to owning a vacation property, except you own five beautiful vacation homes with 20 other families and have no administrative hassle associated with the ownership.

DK5's villa in Tuscany, Italy


Contact 21-5 and we will help you fulfill your vacation home dreams.


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