The 21-5 concept

Sale of an ownership share

Our approach is that investing in a vacation property is a long term commitment. The clear indication from our more than 350 families is that they expect to enjoy their five vacation homes for many years to come.

But sometimes things take an unexpected turn, and therefore it is always possible to sell your ownership share and the 21-5 team is ready to help you.

You decide your sales price, but we are more than happy to assist with a market appraisal based on a supply and demand assessment. 21-5 will manage the administrative details regarding the ownership transaction and, if you prefer, also help with finding a buyer. The other 20 owners in your association will have first-right-of-refusal to your ownership share at minimum the same price offered by any third party.

In short, a turn-key sales service offered by 21-5 is available should you wish to sell your ownership share down the road.

As mentioned, our owners have not been keen to sell, but in 2016 we saw the first few re-sales. They all sold quickly and with an average appreciation of just over 20% per year. Such appreciation is obviously not guaranteed going forward, but it's been a reflection of well-kept and attractive vacation properties in desirable locations, well-managed owner associations, and a general positive market development.

From DK6's terrace in Tuscany, Italy


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