The 21-5 concept

You only commit after you've met the other families

WHO are the other co-owners? Are they decent families?

- which is probably what you'll think if you are considering to join a 21-5 owner association. 

We meet with every family who are interested in joining a 21-5 owner association. Both to answer questions, but also to get to know each other. You need to feel good about it all - and so do we. If we don't see the right fit, we will politely let you know that 21-5 is not the right solution for you.

Most people show up at the inaugural general meeting with butterflies in their stomach. Much like that very first day at school MANY years ago ;0). First item on the agenda is for everyone to present themselves, tell a little bit about who they are, what they do, where they are from, etc. This way everyone get a feel for who their co-owners are. Following this introduction the founding charter is signed - and only then are you committed to your owner association. 

We have yet to see a family leave an owner association after the round of introductions, and we will always have face-to-face meetings with interested families to ensure this does not happen.

So, you only commit to a 21-5 owner association after you have met the other families, your co-owners.

View from the terrace of a 21-5 owner association's condo on Mallorca, Spain


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