The concept

The idea behind 21-5 is quite unique.

The purpose of 21-5 is not to sell vacation properties. Our mission is to find, purchase, renovate, furnish and manage vacation homes on behalf of our owner associations. 21 families co-owning five beautiful homes. It’s really that simple.

Having said that, it does take a great deal of knowledge and experience to make it happen - to make it look simple.

This section aims to answer most or your questions regarding the 21-5 concept. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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The concept - in a nutshell

We assemble 21 families in what we call an owner association and purchase five beautiful vacation homes on their behalf.

You will co-own the 5 properties with the other 20 families. Each family owns 1/21 of each of the five properties and equally share the costs. We, 21-5, do not own any ownership shares in the owner associations.

The individual owner associations are governed by a thorough contractual framework to ensure that all legal and financial matters are covered, and clarity is delivered. The contract includes a detailed description of the 5 homes and the buy-in.

The vacation homes are not purchased until after the inauguration of the association. Subsequent to the inauguration, the 21 families transfer the funds to their owner association's bank account, and the property hunt and acquisitions begin.

21-5 ensures a stress-free experience because we not only find, negotiate and purchase the vacations properties, we also renovate, furnish and manage the homes. You don’t have to worry about dealing with local authorities, maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, owners association administration, etc.

Just arrive and enjoy your vacation.

No stress and real ownership

21-5 makes it easy to own vacation homes.

Our purpose is to eliminate the stress factors which are typically associated with vacation home ownership.

If you have owned a vacation home, especially one that is far away from your primary home, you know the work and worries that comes along with it.

That is why it is such a relief for our families/owners that there is no hassle. The purchase, renovation, furnishing, administration and maintenance is all taken care of by 21-5.

As expressed by our many owner testimonials; it is a turn-key no-stress ownership experience. All you have to do is enjoy your five beautiful vacation homes.

Some might initially think that 21-5 is a timeshare concept. It is not.

Timeshares typically revolve around a hotel/resort unit type of vacation style, and most often you have no ownership. You merely buy time. Hence you only get value from your investment when you actively use the resort units.

21-5 vacation homes are individual homes at the best locations that you own and therefore will benefit from their long-term marked value appreciation, even if you don’t use all of the homes or don’t use all of the weeks you have available.

This is why you can compare a share in a 21-5 owner association to owning a vacation property, except you own five beautiful vacation homes with 20 other families and have no administrative hassle associated with the ownership.

More bang for your buck



The 21-5 concept gives you much more bang for your buck compared to buying your own vacation property.

If you invest $795,000 in your own single vacation property, you will, hopefully, get a property that represents a $795,000 value.

However, if you invest $795,000 in a 21-5 owner association, you will co-own five vacation properties which, on average, represent a value of $3,339,000 each. Five homes in which are far superior in terms of location, size, amenities, furnishing, etc. than a vacation home acquired through a comparable investment.

21 families co-owning 5 vacation homes has turned out to be a sweet spot in terms of the right formula, as described in the section "We get the vacation weeks we want."

21-5 Global Exchange Program

As a 21-5 owner you have your own 5 beautiful vacation homes to enjoy all year round. Plenty of places and space for you to rejuvenate and enjoy.

With so many properties in use by our 21-5 families, there is an obvious and wonderful opportunity to significantly expand the number of homes and destinations available to our owners.

21-5 is introducing the global exchange program. You will be able to borrow vacation weeks from the other 21-5 vacation homeowners. It's simple, easy and gives you access to amazing vacation homes and destinations in North America, Southern Europe and Scandinavia. With a home swap button integrated into your association website, you will be able to gain access to a wealth of travel options.

Enjoy a villa in Tuscany, an apartment in Paris, a villa in southern France, a ski chalet in Chamonix in the French alps, or why not a home in Majorca, Spain? You will also be able to explore Scandinavia, all in some of the most beautiful vacation homes available.

Every 21-5 home has been found, renovated and curated by 21-5. Therefore, you know that the location, layout, furniture, home décor and the look and feel live up to the high standards you are used to from your own 21-5 vacation homes.

Only our 21-5 homeowners have access to swap homes with each other, so you can rest assured that visiting owners will take as good care of your property as their own.

The global exchange program launches in the fall of 2021.

Revitalizing family traditions

Are the kids not so excited about family vacations anymore? 21-5 gives you the ability to gather the family in new and amazing surroundings. 

The five vacation homes in a 21-5 owner association are a fantastic setting for quality time with your family. Many of our owners/families have created some unparalleled family traditions evolving around their vacation homes and locations.

All our homes are created with families in mind; from fold-out beds, to highchairs, to fast internet, etc.

Making a positive difference, in terms of our families' quality of life, is key to what we do. 

Member community

The owner association has its own private member site.
All owners, and the 21-5 administration, have secure log-in access.

The member site contains a detailed description, including photos, of each vacation property and all the associated documents, for instance annual financial statements, budgets, minutes of annual general meetings and council meetings.

The member site also functions as a communications platform between the owners, for example recommendations re. local restaurants, things to do, etc.

The most important feature of the member site is the owner association’s booking system which is available 24/7.

How do we join?

Just as we encourage you to evaluate the concept, the people and track record behind 21-5, we will also evaluate the owners/families considering to be a part of an owner association.

It is difficult for us to set objective evaluation criteria, so we take our time to meet with each potential family. Not only to answer any questions, but also to gauge if the right fit is there for a given association. We want to make sure that all owners understand the benefits, responsibilities and compromises and, not at least, are trustworthy individuals who will take good care of the vacation homes and their owner association and responsibilities.

When a new owner association is launched, we produce a brief which describes the association, the vacation properties, the finances, etc. The brief can the obtained from 21-5.

The next step is for us to meet face-to-face. We suggest that we sit down for a cup of coffee. It’s an informal opportunity to get to know each other and discuss the 21-5 concept.

Subsequently, should you wish to proceed, we will send you the contractual framework for you to read and sign. The signed contract is the ticket to the inaugural meeting. At this point you are not yet committed to join the owner association.

When at least twelve owners/families have signed the contractual framework, we will hold the inaugural general meeting, where everybody will get a chance to meet each other. All the participants will introduce themselves and the founding charter is signed.

You are now officially a member of the owner association and the 21-5 team will begin the search and purchase of the vacation properties.
The funds from each family due one to two weeks after the inaugural meeting, and the money are placed in the owner association’s own bank account.

Should you, unexpectedly, at the inaugural general meeting get cold feet and change your mind, you simply do not sign the founding charter, tear up the contractual framework you’ve signed, and walk away without any financial or legal commitments. So far, we have never seen this happen.

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How do we sell our ownership share?

Before investing in anything, the exit options should be considered. This is obviously relevant for investment products, but also when it comes to primary or secondary homes, and shares in a 21-5 owner association.

Over the years, we've been very happy to see that the re-sale of 21-5 ownership shares have sold quickly and with an average appreciation of over 50%. Such appreciation is obviously not guaranteed going forward, but it's been a reflection of well-kept and attractive vacation properties in desirable locations, well-managed owner associations, and a general positive market development.

The average duration of the re-sales shares being on the market has been 2-3 weeks. 

Quite a few families prefer to buy into an already established 21-5 association, where all the 5 properties are in use as opposed to creating an association from the ground up. The reasons are primarily:

You can see the 5 homes as they've been purchased, renovated and are in operation.
- You can book your holidays right away and go.

We have had more than 50 re-sales so far.

We take care of everything. We find a new family for your share, but we also make sure that the family is registered on the titles and deeds of each of the 5 homes.

So far, approximately half of the re-sales have been due to families wanting to switch to another 21-5 association. Primarily, one with larger properties, but also a few have been in need of smaller homes. Things change over a lifetime, and there are several different legitimate reasons for wanting to sell. A change in family circumstances, illness and so forth.

On our owners' behalf we are very pleased, that it is fairly smooth to sell your share, when you at some point wish to do so.

Some families own for generations, and others chose to sell and prioritize differently. 21-5 can accommodate both. Also in this way, 21-5 is similar to single home ownership, except we take care of everything so you don't have to.

Since it is so much easier to own a 21-5 share as opposed to owning a single holiday home, we expect the ownership to be significantly longer. In the long-term, we expect 1 to 2 resales annually in each association. 

Resale of 21-5 vacation property shares has already become and always will be a naturally integrated component of our existence and business. 

Termination of an owner association

A 21-5 owner association can decide to terminate itself whenever it wants.

There is no time limit on the existence of a 21-5 owner association. No exit strategy. A 21-5 owner association is established primarily to bring joy to the life of the owners, not to be an investment vehicle. As long as the owners/families are happy, there shouldn't be any reason to dissolve it.

However, the contractual framework takes into account that should the owners wish to, they can decide to dissolve their owner association. 

Following a decision to dissolve, the five vacation properties will be sold and the net proceeds will be evenly distributed among the 21 families.

The reasons why

There are many good reasons why a share in a 21-5 owner association makes sense.

Much more bang for your buck. Every property represents a value of roughly four times your investment, and you will co-own five! You will get much more value compared to buying your own comparable vacation property.

No hassle. You won’t have to worry should a water pipe burst or a roof tile falls down. You have a professional support system in place to take care of your vacation homes.

You are not tied to one place. With a share in a 21-5 owner association, you have five beautiful vacation homes at five wonderful locations at your disposal.

Spoil your family and close friends. Give them a week in one of your five vacation homes, since you probably won’t use all the weeks you have available every year.

No financial liability. All the properties are purchased in cash to avoid any financial liabilities.

Good deals. The 21-5 team have the experience and knowledge to find and purchase vacation properties at price points you most likely would not be able to get on your own.

Added value through renovations. Our track record shows that our meticulous quality renovations have added significant market value to the more than 175 vacation properties we have purchased and transformed for our owners/families.

Win-win. Because of our prudent purchase skills and tasteful renovations, we have added more market value for our owner associations than the associated costs. A real win-win scenario.

Terrasse and pool area in front of DK3's villa in Tuscany, Italy

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