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In this section, you will find answers to the frequently asked questions. Please, scroll down and see if this section provides you with the response you are looking for.

Should you have any questions that are not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us. At 21-5 we insist on person to person contact. We do not subscribe to automated customer services. We only build trust by talking to our customers directly.

The number one question we get asked is, without a doubt, whether the 21-5 model is just another timeshare product? Chances are the same question has crossed your mind. So, let's get that out of the way from the beginning.

21-5 is different in that you actually own a 1/21st share of each of the properties in the association in which you have joined. In other words, you own the vacation homes with 20 other families. Unlike a traditional timeshare where you do not own anything but a right to use the property in a predefined time slot each year. There, the developer owns the real estate. In addition, traditional timeshare products are resort style products where there is no room to create that home feel that we create around our properties. As you are the owner, it should feel like exactly that, home. With 21-5, the vacation homes have a cozy atmosphere, high attention to detail, uniqueness and in short, they are yours! For the same reason, you can also sell your co-owned share if you decide to dissolve your participation in the 21-5 community, just like you would with any other real estate property that you might own.



General 21-5 Questions

This section answers general 21-5 questions

Where does the idea come from?

The idea came to life based on many years of professional experience with selling vacation properties, and all the concerns associated with it. Why buy? Will we make a bad deal? Can we get what we want? Will it be more costly than anticipated? Do we have to rent it out, and if so, what about the risk and hassle? What if a water pipe bursts and we are not there? Can we sell it if we have to? Do we really want to come back to the same place every time? The 21-5 concept alleviates all these concerns. Over the last ten years, 21-5 has built a concept and a team that has brought this idea to life for more than 800 happy families. From our head office in Copenhagen, Denmark, the focus was initially European vacation destinations, but now we are expanding our reach to offer North American vacation homes to Canadian families from our office in Vancouver, Canada.

Who Started 21-5?

Laila and Anders Koej got the idea back in 2008 and started to build the concept and organization. The first owner association was established in 2012. Today more than 800 owners/families have joined 21-5.

Who is 21-5 aimed at?

Typically families, individuals and private trusts with a designated representative or an LLC, with interest in buying secondary property. By comparing single ownership you will soon see the obvious advantages both in time available and cost. Of course, an ownership share in a 21-5 owner association is for those of you who dream about traveling to your own - not one - but five beautiful vacation homes in the best possible locations in Canada and the US and do not want the hassle of maintaining and managing the properties.

Why does the 21-5 team have particular skills in vacation home acquisitions?

21-5 has specialized team members with a long standing experience in acquiring properties in multiple countries and communities. Since our beginnings, 21-5 has acquired over 175 unique properties.

What are the priorities when selecting and renovating a specific vacation home?

The homes are pre-defined in terms of location and number of bedrooms. We only pick the best locations that are the perfect setting for both relaxing under the sun and activities such as tennis, golf or skiing. The homes are furnished and decorated to be full of warmth and character. You will immediately feel at home when you arrive and enjoy high-quality furniture and materials, home decor, modern living standards, authentic local character and open bright spaces.

As an owner, do I have any influence in terms of which properties are purchased?

Yes, the combined preferences expressed by the 21 owners is a part of our selection process when finding and purchasing the five vacation homes for the owner association.

21-5 ownership share

This section answers questions about the ownership share in a 21-5 owner association

What is a 21-5 ownership share?

A 21-5 vacation ownership share is a 1/21 share of five vacation homes that you can use for up to 17 weeks per year. You own a 1/21 share in the five vacation homes, i.e. you will be on the title/deed together with the other 20 owners. The 21-5 vacation ownership share can be sold at any time on similar market terms and principles as if you were selling a single owned property. This is not a timeshare asset. Each association is country specific due to the complexity of each country's tax and property laws. For instance, Danish associations have only Danish citizens, Canadian associations only Canadian citizens and permanent residents and so forth. In 21-5 we do not mind multiple nationalities. It is solely a question of national legislative limitations related to each country.

How is a share in a 21-5 owner association different from a timeshare?

You will own 1/21 of each of the five vacation homes in the specific owner association. In other words, you will be on the title/deed for each of the five homes, i.e. you own a 1/21 share of the partnership owning the properties. You will benefit from any market value appreciation if you sell your share. Each 21-5 property is unique and maintained down to the last detail both short and long term. In a timeshare you typically don't own any real estate, but has the right of use at a specific property at specific time. If you own a deeded timeshare it is on a specific resort unit, and sometimes with the right to exchange that unit for other property. No matter what, timeshares are still very hard to sell as there are so many identical units for sale. Furthermore the 21-5 vacation homes are individual homes, often detached homes, with top-notch location, furniture, home decor etc. Typically, timeshare properties are part of resort or hotel marketing and sales concepts.

How do we obtain a 21-5 ownership share?

You work directly with the 21-5 office in your own country and the office closest to you. We will help you through each of the simple steps until you are comfortable. From initial interest - your research - studying the 21-5 information materials - the 21-5 coffee meeting - acquisition and signature of the contract documents to the associations inauguration. We are a dedicated team that serves you all the way. All the contractual paperwork is handled by your local 21-5 office. You don't have to visit lawyers or notary public offices in the various vacation home locations. 21-5 takes care of everything - in your entire engagement period with 21-5.

What does it cost to join a 21-5 owner association?

21-5 offers several tiers of vacation owner associations. You will find open offers in the main menu associations for sale. Each tier represents a specified destination package and size of properties. The size of the properties determines the price to join. All pricing details are conveniently found under each association for sale description. There is one constant throughout all of the associations which is quality. Every 21-5 property is custom designed with equal care regardless of price tier. Associations for sale vary from country to country.

How many owners are there in a 21-5 owner association?

Every 21-5 owner association has 21 ownership shares, and therefore can have up to 21 families/owners. One family can potentially own more ownership shares, but not so many that they obtain a majority vote.

How much contact do we have with the other owners?

All owners meet once a year at the annual general meeting (AGM). If you can't make it, you can hand over a power of attorney. The AGM is the only recurring event. Besides that, you decide how much contact you wish to have to your co-owners.

Who can own a 21-5 vacation property share?

In the Canada, accredited investors, individuals, couples, an LLP, or a family trust with a designated representative who is a citizen of Canada or is a permanent resident of Canada, can participate in a 21-5 Association.

Why should we buy a 21-5 ownership share now and not wait until the next available owner association?

For the same reasons should you buy a single vacation home for yourself - you should buy when you are ready. Some of our owners have joined a 21-5 owner association even though they won't use the vacation homes several years from now - because it made sense to invest now as opposed to later when market prices could be higher.

How often is the general meeting held?

Annually. There is room to call for an extraordinary general meeting in the association if needed. 21-5 takes care of all the required preparation and execution of the meeting. 21-5 follows through on behalf of the owners on decided agenda items from the general meetings.

Do we have a vote at the annual general meeting?

Yes. Every 21-5 ownership share gives 1 vote at the annual general meeting.

How is a 21-5 ownership share different from other home sharing concepts?

There are two main differences. First, through a 21-5 ownership share you have ownership and use of five vacation homes, not just one property as in most sharing concepts, e.g. fractional ownership, and maybe even more importantly, with a 21-5 ownership share, you don't have to worry about the daily management of the five vacation homes. Secondly, 21-5 takes care of all the work associated with the acquisition, renovation, maintenance and administration of the homes.

How long do we wait from the inauguration of an owner association until the vacation homes are handed over to us?

From the inaugural meeting where the owners get to meet each other, it usually takes 12-24 months before all five vacation homes are ready for the owners. We want to make sure every home lives up to our high standards regarding location, exposure, views, layout, quality, potential, etc. We look at a lot of potential homes before the right ones are found and purchased. The vacation homes are handed over as soon as renovation, furnishing and interior design are complete. They are handed over as they become ready.

What is the difference between the owner associations?

21-5 Canada offers different association tiers. We name them: Grande, 4-5 bedrooms, and Large, 3-4 bedrooms. The quality of the homes, i.e. location, renovations , furniture, home décor, etc., is identical no matter what type of owner association. The main difference is the size of the homes, specifically the number of bedrooms.

What if we don't like the thought of sharing - is 21-5 something for us?

It is true that the answer to this question is individual to each person. What we can say for sure is that our over 800 current owners are not concerned and there are several reasons for that. First and foremost, each owner has on average 12 weeks available of vacation each year. That's 3 months. The pattern we see, is that our families typically use 8-10 weeks per year in the homes. In other words, you will typically have ample time and availability to book vacations. You can find more information about booking and booking capacity elsewhere on the site. Second, 21-5 is your guarantee for a perfectly prepared and maintained home every time you come to the property, year after year. You will not notice that anybody else has been there since your last visit. It is completely optional to which degree you wish to have contact to the other owners in the Association. Third, typically single owned vacation homes are only used 2-3 weeks per year. Besides that many feel obligated to go to the same place every time, there is also a worry of maintenance when you are not there, particularly so, if the property is rented out. Many 21-5 owners are proud of the fact that they have invested in properties shared with others in such a way that resources are preserved. Through 21-5, there is simply a better utility yield of a shared high-end property.

We are thinking about buying our own vacation home as our long-term plan is to spend a lot of time there.

If you are not sure where to buy, but are thinking about the locations we've picked, a 21-5 ownership share is a unique opportunity to get a really good feel for the locations before you might buy on your own. Why not? 21-5 takes care of everything and we can help you sell your vacation property share again. No intermediary agents or complicated paperwork or hidden fee terms. Full transparency.

How did you calculate the monthly maintenance fees?

Managing over 175 properties in various countries, 21-5 has gained deep experience in running real estate management. We assess all cost elements included on each location and accumulate the monthly sum to cover the costs of all 5 properties. Again, everything is transparent in the LLP account and we do adjust cost at least on an annual basis aligned with the actual cost basis and the priorities of the association.

Why have the vacations homes not already been purchased?

This would add significant transaction costs to the 21-5 ownership shares, as we would have to first purchase the properties and then sell them to the 21-5 owner association. Like you, we don't like to pay twice for the same service or product. Another advantage is that it gives the owners the opportunity to share their property preferences for each location. It is an exciting time when you observe your portfolio of 5 tailor-made vacation homes become a reality. Yes, it does take some time, but we do release the properties for your bookings as they become ready for use.

Can we bring our dog or cat?

No, pets are not allowed in any of the homes.

Is smoking allowed in the homes?

No, all of the homes are smoke free zones.

How often is the furniture replaced?

On an on-going basis, as needed.

How are the homes insured?

All the vacation homes are insured as needed, both building and content insurance. The cost is included in the monthly maintenance fee.

What do we do if we have used up all of our booking points, can we buy more?

No, additional booking points are not available for purchase. However, in our experience there are always other families with points they will not use. Most owners contact each other through the Association portal and exchange points they agree to pass on. No problem.

Is one 21-5 ownership share better than another 21-5 ownership share in the same owner association?

No, all owners are equal in each of the individual owner associations - everyone pays the same, and no one has any special benefits.

What is covered by our monthly association fee?

The monthly Association fee covers all of the ongoing costs for the 5 vacation homes and their administration. Property taxes, insurance, small standard repairs and inventory replacement, any strata/HOA fees and administration including owner association communications, support and meetings. Your only expense, besides the monthly maintenance fee, will be cleaning and utilities (electricity, water and heat) for those weeks you enjoy one of your vacation homes. It is fair that each owner pays utility matching consumption, don't you think? This proven system is completely managed by 21-5 so that so that you do not have to think about it. We never hear any owner being dissatisfied with this approach. 21-5 offers all associations a long-term maintenance program. For instance, a new roof in 15 years, a new kitchen in 20 years etc. This is optional to the association, but almost all of the current associations are signed up and build a contingency fund as provision for such later investments.

How do we finance the purchase of a 21-5 vacation home ownership share?

The purchase of a 21-5 ownership share can, for instance, be financed by a home line of credit based on the existing, sufficient, equity in your current home of residence. The vacation homes themselves are purchased in cash, with no financial liability/liens for the owner association. This makes each association in 21-5 very resilient and stable against fluctuations in the economy.

21-5 the technical, practical and legal details

This section covers questions regarding the technical, practical and legal details in relation to a 21-5 ownership share.

How does the booking system work?

Your 21-5 ownership share gives you on average 12 weeks of vacation in your 5 homes. You will receive a password for your owner association's member site, where you will find the booking system. Annually you receive 770 points and in the booking system you can always see how many points you have available, which weeks in which vacation homes are available, how many points a given week will cost, and you can book the weeks you want. Naturally, you can also see what you have already booked. You will be guided through the system, which is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The booking system is very flexible and gives you the option to book several continuous weeks in one, or more, of your 5 vacation homes. The booking schedule is open two years ahead and accessible 365 days a year 24/7. There are certain fair distribution booking rules to make the system reasonable for all owners. For instance, you can't book the same week in at the same vacation home every year, unless of course no-one else has booked it.

Will there be tax on the sale of a 21-5 ownership share?

21-5 does not advise on tax, but we do take it upon ourselves to provide you with all the financial information. Each owner's situation is different, and we encourage consultation with your trusted tax advisor. Annually, and in due time, 21-5 will provide the necessary tax documents and financial statements to each owner. You will therefore always have an idea of the current valuation of the properties in your association.

Do we need our own professional consultant when buying a 21-5 ownership share?

There is some comfort in knowing that more than 800 families are 21-5 owners today. In fact, many 21-5 owners are accountants or legal advisors by profession. Most owners consult with their legal and accounting advisors prior to joining and work with them on an on-going basis. We always encourage new incoming owners to do the same. In the Canada and The United States, we work with some of the best advisors in the industry, specifically in legal and accounting. We have fine tuned our model over the years, but we are always open to addressing questions which might arise from you and your advisors.

What is the process of buying a 21-5 ownership share?

When you have decided to buy a 21-5 ownership share, the following process and steps are really simple and we will be happy to walk you through it. Sequence is: DECIDE TO JOIN 21-5 - COFFEE MEETING - RESERVATION - 21-5 FULL DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT SIGNING - ASSOCIATION INAUGURATION - PAYMENT

How is our vacation ownership share valued if we decide to sell it one day?

You decide the price - just as you would decide the listing price if you were to sell your own home. Ultimately, it is the supply and demand that sets the final sales price. 21-5 as available to assist you every step of the way, both in pricing and selling. Talk to 21-5 to discuss our track record.

How do we sell?

You can either find a buyer yourself or have us help you - or both. If you find a buyer on your own, your sales cost will be the transaction costs plus an administration fee to 21-5. If 21-5 takes care of the sale, you will pay an additional normal realtor sales commission to 21-5.

Will the owner be on the title/deed of the properties?

Yes, each of the 21 owners will be registered representatives of the Association LLP. The LLP will acquire the 5 properties and each registered Association representative is named on the property deeds.

Can we sell our share in one of the vacation homes and keep our shares in the four other homes?

No. You can only sell your 21-5 ownership share as one. In other words, you can sell your 1/21 share in all of the 5 vacation homes and the entire right to use these homes accordingly.

Can we give some of our vacation weeks to family and friends?

Yes, your 21-5 ownership share gives you the ability to book up to 12 weeks per year in your vacation homes. You are more than welcome to have your close family and friends use some of those weeks. You are not allowed to rent out your vacation homes and thereby obtain rental income. You are of course liable for the people using the properties on your behalf.

Will all of the funds deposited for a 21-5 ownership share go the the purchase of the vacation homes?

All funds are deposited into a fiduciary account owned solely by the Association. It is only the 21-5 CEO and two elected Association representatives who can authorize payments in conjunction from the account. 21-5 is authorized to pay for minor expenses from the Association account. All funds are designated to the acquisition, renovation, exterior and interior design, home decor and 21-5 fees. Nothing else.

Do we risk having to pay more than the projected sum?

No. Unless your own owner association decides to raise more funds. This has not happened so far.

Can we share a 21-5 ownership share with another family? We don't need all those weeks.

No, you can't buy a 21-5 ownership share with another family. But you can share your weeks with close family and friends.

Can the owner association sell one of their properties?

Although that has never come up, the owner model is flexible. The owner association can decide to divest one of their properties. In case one of the 5 properties is not used very much, it perhaps makes sense to replace it with a property at a different location. The owner association can also decide to transfer the sales proceeds to its 21 owners and then only have four vacation homes in their owner association. It requires a majority vote at a general meeting to make any significant decisions, including to terminate the association and sell all of its properties.

What about the ongoing maintenance?

The 21-5 prepares a budget recommendation each year, including planned maintenance. Any unexpected maintenance will be done when needed. 21-5 offers a long-term maintenance contract with each Association. Typically, an Association will consider this added service after the first 2-3 years of operation of the properties. 21-5 is capable of building a full and detailed documented maintenance report on each property. Hereafter, the Association decides which projects to plan for long-term. For instance, a new kitchen in 10 years, a new roof in 15 years and so on. Besides good management, it gives a great comfort for each owner to know that their assets are maintained fully at any given point in time. Both from a utility standpoint and in the event of a re-sell situation that sense of security is priceless.

What happens if one of the 21 owners doesn't pay their monthly maintenance fee?

In the unlikely event that one of the owners consistently does not pay the monthly Association fee on time, the other owners in the association can decide to exclude the non-paying owner. This triggers a forced sale of the defaulting owner's vacation property share. None of the 20 remaining owners will ever be affected by such a situation, as the Association holds a 12 month maintenance fee buffer at all times from all owners in the LLP's bank account. It is only the non-paying owner who may suffer any financial loss in this situation. The system is very resilient to always protect the owners and the Association.

What if we change our mind after having signed the 21-5 full disclosure documents?

You can change your mind all the way up to the point in time where the Association inaugural protocol is signed. At the inaugural meeting you confirm your participation, sign the founding protocol, and become a member of the owner association. If you don't sign the founding charter, you can walk away without any legal or financial commitments. We don't want families in our owner associations who are not 100% committed.

What additional costs are associated with joining a 21-5 owner association?

The investment in a 21-5 vacation property share has no additional costs other than the announced investment itself and a forward cash deposit of 12 months maintenance fees for the five vacation homes.

How certain can we be that the maintenance fees will not increase?

Owning real estate, no matter what type of ownership, does come with a gradual increase of the maintenance costs. You should therefore expect an increase similar to the general price index and inflation rate.

Can we visit the vacation homes that are planned to be included in the owner association before we make a decision?

At this point in time in Canada, this is not possible. The reason being that 21-5 has not yet offered any re-sell Associations in this market. In Canada, the associations offered are all new and the homes will first be found and acquired when an owner association has been inaugurated. The sales material and contracts will give a detailed and precise description of the vacation homes to be purchased, e.g. location, type of home, size, look and feel, etc. In other markets we do actively re-sell 21-5 vacation property shares of established associations. This is an integral and natural part of our business. When an association share is re-sold all the 5 properties exist and it will be possible to see them first. However, 21-5 has in depth photo and video materials of all properties and is happy to facilitate contact to current association owners.

Can we keep any personal items in the vacation homes?

Yes, a few practical items perhaps and to the extent that the 21 owners agree. For instance, you might be able to organize that your skis and boots can be stored at the ski properties. But having said that, it is limited as to how many personal items you can leave behind.

Will the owner association be able to purchase additional items such as bicycles etc?

Yes, and the majority of the owner associations have done that. Bicycles are a great additional feature at most of the locations. It is a good idea for the association to make a regular service agreement with a local bicycle shop to ensure full functionality and maintenance of the equipment every time you come to the property. 21-5 is happy to help set it up, if possible.

The 21-5 homes

Is there TV and audio in all the vacation homes?

Yes, there are TVs and audio systems in all the homes. We ensure to install the best possible programming services available.

Is there Internet/WiFi in the vacation homes?

Yes! All of the homes have a WiFi system installed. Let's just say that no home functions without WiFi in today's world - especially if you want the kids to come along. 21-5 ensures that we have the best available WiFi network installed. Usually, we install the networks with the same password and settings across all 5 properties. This means that when you walk through the door, the WiFi automatically logs in - just like at home.

Where are the locations of the vacation homes?

The sales materials related to the Association you are interested in, including this website, describe in detail the locations for the 5 vacation homes.

Are the homes renovated and furnished for special needs users?

When selecting and renovating the homes, a lot of detail goes into optimizing the configuration of each property. That being said, the standard homes are not specifically tailored towards special needs users. At 21-5, we dream about one day being able to build an Association specifically designed to meet demands of special needs owners.

Who is responsible if something is broken during our stay?

The owner who occupies the vacation home - or the owner who has lent out the home to close family or friends - is responsible if something is broken. Items and incidents included in the home insurance plan, are obviously covered. If something breaks down or deteriorates because of natural wear and tear, it will be covered by the owner association.

What about keys for the homes?

Every 21-5 family receives their own set of keys to each of the 5 vacation homes. There are extra keys in the homes in secure key boxes. Many of our owners have a key hanger at their primary home with all 5 keys just sitting there waiting for you to pick them up for your next visit. Which property should you choose? There is something thrilling about having 5 keys on the wall inspiring you to dream of your next adventure.

Are there any liens, loans or mortgages in the homes?

No, all of the 21-5 vacation homes are purchased in cash and therefore carry no loans of any kind. Each 21-5 Association is therefore resilient in any economic cycle environment.

21-5 daily use and management

What are our obligations as member of an owner association?

A key feature of having a 21-5 ownership share is that it's easy and uncomplicated. All you have to do is plan your vacation and that's about it. You are encouraged to participate at the annual general meeting - or if hindered, extend a power of attorney to a co-owner to vote on your behalf. You are obviously obligated to pay your monthly maintenance fee, but besides that, your obligations are few, except to treat the homes like your own. Because they are.

How often are the homes cleaned?

The homes are professionally cleaned after every stay. You can book additional cleaning, should such a need occur. All 21-5 cleaning partners work under strict instructions to disinfect homes as to eliminate contamination risks to the widest extent possible. Annually, the homes undergo a master cleaning to keep the maintenance level high.

Bed linen and towels?

When you arrive to your vacation homes, there will be clean bed linen and towels on the beds. 21-5 only provides textiles of the highest and most comfortable qualities.

Quality of beds, duvets and pillows?

21-5 only provide best quality mattresses, duvets and pillows.


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