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Charlotte & Claus

"21-5 has been the best investment for us and our small family. We spend our sommer vacations together. But the rest of the year we go just the two of us, or on our own with close friends. Every time we, and our three girls, visit one of our 5 amazing vacation homes it feels new and exiting, yet at the same time very safe, homey and nice. 21-5 is hands down the prefect family investment."

Charlotte & Claus Voglhofer

Bente & Jesper

"Since 2015 where we joined 21-5, we have had incredible joy of the destinations and the carefully selected and renovated properties which 21-5 has identified for us and take care of like it was their own. The concern 21-5 provides to our vacation homes is unbelievable - and for us as owners - just wonderful.

It gives us a sense of security, in the every day, that we are many that share the  homes and that they are being used.  When we are on vacation the 21-5 home is like our second home - always clean, tidy, exactly as we left it the last time. We know the destination, but there is always something new to explore."

Bente & Jesper Toth Mouritzen

Birgitte & Kim

”We think that the best with 21-5 is that we now own 5 incredible homes in the most beautiful locations in Europe, and which gives us both sun and beach, skiing, hiking, city adventure, and country side beauty. Something that we would not be able to get even close to, on our own. These are not just rentals, or a timeshare, but actually our places. Places we can come back to again and again, and over time get to know really well.”

Birgitte Moes & Kim Joergensen

Annette & Niels

“For us, 21-5 is unique because for the price of an ordinary vacation property, we are able to co-own five amazing homes with first-rate locations around the world. We really feel at home every time we are on vacation and there is no hassle like we would have, if we had to take care of it all on our own.”

Annette Banke & Niels Hermansen


“It makes so much sense to me that I can share my vacation homes with my family and friends, besides sharing them with my like-minded co-owners. 21-5 finds the most beautiful locations and transforms the homes with such great taste and care. This, combined with a professional and friendly property management, makes 21-5 the optimal vacation home concept for me.”

Pernille Foss

Lise & Jacob

“Our expectations were very high when we decided to join the 21-5 concept. Well, they’ve all been meet, and more so. We love having five vacation homes with no worries. Each of the homes are a gem. The locations are fantastic, the furnishings and decor are spot on and everything just works. A great bonus is the 21-5 team, always nice, engaged and incredibly professional.”

Lise & Jacob Struckmann

Lotte & David

“We don’t want to be tied to a single location. With 21-5 we have the freedom to choose, and we have all the joys of ownership, but none of the hassle - it’s excellent.”

Lotte & David Holm

Lise & Jesper

“The five vacation homes in our owner association have different themes and therefore perfectly covers the vacation needs of our family for - city, sun, hiking and skiing.”

Lise & Jesper Nerlov


“The variation among the vacation homes, their destinations and thereby the experiences are completely unique.”

Niels Korsholm

Tine & Morten

"It's a fairy tale come true for us. We've been dreaming about owning a vacation home - now we have FIVE!"

Tine & Morten Gaardboe

Ingrid & Claus

"We got five great vacation homes in five fantastic locations, that we can share with our children, family and friends. Together with our co-owners we have homes that by far exceeds the quality we could have hoped for if we had bought on our own. We so enjoy that 21-5 takes care of the practical stuff, and we also like that our vacation homes are being used most of the year. It was a big decision to join an owner association, but 21-5 has all the way delivered as promised - great homes, professionally run renovations and top notch service. 21-5 has certainly lived up to our high expectations!"

Ingrid & Klaus Harbo

Lene & Danny

"We spent a long time looking for our own vacation home but could not find the right place at the right price. With 21-5 we have achieved a much higher vacation home standard five places around the world giving us much more flexibility and no hassle."

Lene & Danny Feltmann Espersen

Gitte & Hans

"SCEPTICAL??.. we were. But 21-5 has fully lived up to their promises, and more so. It's a fantastic concept that we can highly recommend to anyone who dream of having five beautiful vacation homes in great locations."

Gitte & Hans Gotke 

Karen & Knud

"The 21-5 concept is a simple and brilliant idea that makes so much sense. Especially when the idea is brought to life, as we’ve seen, in such an excellent way by the company’s staff and executive team."

Karen Skov & Knud Sant

Bente & Svend

"We are so impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism that we’ve meet at 21-5. To join a 21-5 owner association is the best decision we’ve made in many years."

Bente Holmgaard & Svend Carlsen

Bente & Per

"To be a part of a 21-5 owner association is definitely one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! It has given us so much joy from the day we signed. And it brings us joy every time we think about the 5 great vacation homes we now co-own. Planning our next vacation to one of OUR homes is just so exciting. 5 wonderful locations, 5 super amazing homes, and 5 ecstatic family members!"

Bente & Per Drifte

Nille & Bo

"First time we heard about the 21-5 concept, was from some of our friends who had read an article...immediately we knew that this was something we needed to learn about. Few weeks later we attended one of 21-5's information evening events , and we stayed afterwards for a coffee meeting with the founders, Laila and Anders. They and the rest of the highly competent 21-5 organization, and always super engaged and present wholehearted enthusiasm, made our purchase of 5 unbelievable vacation homes the perfect spoiling gift to ourselves and our children. Add to that the organization's insights in to the different destination's challenges and opportunities. They build such an essential sense of calm. Our friends who initially introduced us to this golden nugget over dinner one time, have since then bought in the association created after ours. It is such a thrill to be able to meet and enjoy one of our fantastic 21-5 homes together, where location, design, support and responsibility in an impressive way, go hand in hand."

Pernille & Bo Stroenaes Steffensen

Helle & Carl

"We have sold our vacation home in France to try something new. Our choice became 21-5, as the concept is a good fit for us: The pleasure of coming "home" to a place we know, and the total absence of all the inconveniences which always follow, especially when you own real estate far from your primary home. We are impressed of 21-5's ability to realize the concept. 21-5 is highly competent, creative and available, and we always feel taken good care of."

Helle Ploug Hansen & Carl Vad Jensen

Berit & Leif

"We are very happy having become a part of 21-5. This is perfectly nested, cozy and totally succulent homes where we enjoy taking family and friends along to visit. Also, we are experiencing a very high level of service from 21-5 - no matter who you talk to. We have no concerns as 21-5 takes care of any challenges. Besides, the buying sum was attractive, and so far, the investment has been really good."

Berit Groenne & Leif Noergaard

Gitte & Jan

"Already in 2010 we were introduced to the 21-5 concept, but we found it too good to be true - we didn't want to be first movers and decided back then to keep an eye out for 21-5 and to see if they would succeed. They most certainly did and in 2016, we decided to enter 21-5 DK11, and we never looked back.

21-5 is characterized by being a really strong and complete concept, and an unique ability to chose the right homes and prepare these to a very attractive level. Last, but not least, we have experienced a super service oriented organization whenever questions have arisen, or we just needed assistance. In 2017, the first 3 homes were in operation and our family had some exceptional vacation experiences in New York City and Chamonix.

During 2018, we visited Tuscany, Paris, Chamonix and went twice to Mallorca.

Now we are absolutely convinced that the 5 amazing vacation homes, we co-own, will be the basis of many wonderful vacations with family and friends for many years to come."

Gitte & Jan Vestergaard Olsen

Ninna-Marie & Michael

"After many years with travel to destinations all over most of the world, it is just amazing to have our own small property gems, and experience them with family and friends throughout the year. We are super excited about our 5 unique homes on 5 beautiful destinations, and the ability we now have to experience each season, the many activities, and getting close to the local atmosphere and culture in each place. We really appreciate the freedom we have due to 21-5."

Ninna-Marie & Michael Hoegedal

Jette & John

"For a long time we have dreamt about an apartment in Paris. It is therefore an incredible feeling to stroll down "our street" in Paris with the many specialty shops with wine, cheese, bread and charcuterie. When we step on to the street, there are several Michelin restaurants within walking distance, and the fact that we have gotten 4 extra vacation homes is just a huge bonus. Realities have somehow overtaken our dream."

Jette Karin Olsson & John Ryding Olsson

Gitte & Jens

"21-5 gives us all of the possibilities we could dream of - entirely without any concerns or inconveniences"

Gitte & Jens Hoegh Christensen

Sissel & Tomasz

"For several years we have contemplated the idea of buying a vacation property abroad. Should it be France, Italy, or Spain? We never got to make the defining decision and therefore we never bought anything. Then 21-5 came along, and they made it possible to fulfill all of our wishes in one go - all in one! Lovely homes in cities and the country at a very high level and incredibly charming. The properties are chosen with a rare sense of detail and renovated full out with beautiful design and finish."

Sissel Vorstrup & Tomasz Jerzy Goldman


"To become a part of 21-5's concept is one of the best investments I have ever made."

Kathrine Juul Hansen

Henriette & Niels Christian

"Each time we are looking forward to go. It is exiting, ideally designed, and super cozy homes, where we absolutely feel at home. 

Excellent concept, where we don't have to carry the burden.

It is so gratifying to be able to share all of this with others. Our children get very involved with us to see how many points are left over..."

Henriette Büll & Niels Christian Bang Jespersen

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