The Hawaiian Islands are arguably as close to paradise on Earth as you can get. Soft sandy beaches, turquoise waters, turtles, dolphins and whales, colourful flowers and palm trees with a backdrop of stunning mountains. And just to frame it all in, a perfect climate with 23-28 degrees (73-82 F) all year round and a gentle breeze should you need to cool down. Equally important is the local aloha spirit that truly appreciates the wonder of these islands and, from a more rational perspective, the infrastructure, safety and amenities offered by a US state.

Any considerations regarding buying a vacation home simply must have Hawaii on the short list. The downside is that real estate, for the reasons mentioned above, does not come cheap. And that’s where the 21-5 concept really shows its worth by making a top notch Hawaiian vacation home an option for our owners/families.

The vacation home will be located on the island of Maui. Maui is the favourite island for many because of its abundance of beautiful beaches, quaint villages, great food scene and out of this world ocean life. It has a great balance of kick-back-and-enjoy-paradise combined with first-rate shops, restaurants and activity options such as golf, tennis, hiking, kayaking, surfing, etc. It’s a place you want to return to as often as possible.

The specific areas will be either Kapalua or Lahaina on the North West side of the island or Kihei/Wailea on the South West side. These locations offer the most beautiful scenery and a perfect mix of local charm and contemporary amenities.

In terms of the vacation home itself, we will ensure that the property has a solid build quality, great views, is aesthetically pleasing and has potential for improvements. Equally important is that the home is located in a neighbourhood with easy access to the ocean, shopping, restaurants, etc. without being too touristy.  

The 21-5 owner association will purchase a home with minimum four bedrooms and two bathrooms, outdoor space and, if possible, access to a pool. It will not be a unit in a resort development, but an individual home with its own charm and character.

We will only consider freehold properties, or fee simple as it is called in the US. Co-ops will not be considered due to their historically versatile market appreciation, in part because of their more strict mortgage requirements.

Pre-sales are also in our scope, as these often offer good value, but the estimated completion will have to correspond with our internal goals, that is 12-18 months from the inaugural general meeting and until all five vacation properties are ready to be enjoyed by their owners.

The type of dwelling can be either a detached home, a 1/2 duplex, or a townhouse, as long as it lives up to the overall criteria described above.

To get an idea of the look and feel of the vacation homes you can expect, have a look at some of the properties 21-5 has purchased, renovated and furnished; click here and go to the bottom of the page where you'll find a collection of our digital photo books.

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