How we select the locations and turn the properties into homes

The locations

We only pick the best locations when we establish our owner associations. Locations that are the perfect setting for both relaxing under the sun and activities such as tennis, golf or skiing. No more than max. 4-5 hours away by airplane.The five locations have carefully been selected by 21-5.

Should you decide to join a 21-5 owner association, you can rest assured that your vacation homes will be in the mentioned five locations; Hawaii, Okanagan Valley, Palm Springs, Whistler and New York City.

Hawaii, Okanagan Valley, Palm Springs, Whistler and New York are all world class places that you’ll never get tired of. If you are looking for sunny warm skies, great golf courses, beautiful wine country, powder snow or breathtaking hiking and mountain bike trails, top-notch shopping, shows and restaurants, they are all at your disposal at your vacation home locations. All year round.

Other key criteria, when we pick the locations, are the local infrastructure, safety, and financial and political stability. That’s why we focus on Canada and the US.

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The properties

The vacation properties are the key ingredient to the 21-5 recipe. They are meticulously selected based on our significant experience with finding, purchasing and renovating vacation homes. So far, we have more than 100 beautiful vacation homes under our belt. Sometimes we find a property that is almost move-in ready, but often we come across a diamond-in-the-rough ready for our renovation- and design-teams to roll up their sleeves.

You have probably noticed that most rental vacation properties feel cold and sterile. Not so with the 21-5 homes. They are furnished and decorated to be full of warmth and character. You will immediately feel at home when you arrive.

We are constantly increasing our deep knowledge of all our destinations. We know exactly where the properties should be located and where they shouldn't. We know to assess the cost of the stock, and how to achieve the best deals. 21-5 has built unique competencies around property renovations as it is very rare that we find a home we approve in its current state. For the most part, we have to improve it to meet our standards and quality.

Not only will the homes have the best possible location, you will also enjoy high-quality furnishings, modern living standards, authentic local character and open/bright spaces. Contemporary homes with warmth and soul.

Great respect and care for original details and choice of materials are also essential to create beautiful homes with just the right atmosphere. Our extensive galleries available on the website will give you an idea of how we build dream vacation homes.

Pool area by DK3's villa in Tuscany, Italy


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