Very often we conduct significant renovations after acquiring a vacation property.

Below you’ll find some examples of properties that we’ve taken from a virtual tear-down condition to contemporary vacation homes with warmth and character.

The building team

Our skilled building team has many talents necessary for renovating properties, either on-site or from our offices. Not only are they skilled, but also very engaged, as they manage more than approximately 20 renovation sites at any given time. The are masters of keeping the wheels in motion.  

Because the building team often visits the properties during the renovation phase, to ensure the objectives and quality standards are met, they do add quite a few points to their frequent flyer milage.

Successful management of a property renovation project requires either a great deal of luck and/or a great deal of competence. Luck is not a sustainable approach, so we are fortunate to have an incredibly skilled and hard working group of people. 


In 2019 we surpassed 100 properties in operation in the 21-5 associations.

Renovation is an important part of our concept

Early on we knew that adding value to the properties was key - value through finding properties ripe for renovation. This realization also came about as it became clear, that it is not always easy to find a property that lives up to our high standards regarding quality, look and feel, and if it does, it is often beyond the financial framework of our owner associations.

So it makes a lot of sense to renovate. Not at least at locations where you have the know-how and support systems to manage long distance home renovations, because it’s a task that only the few can overcome.

Hence most of the vacation homes we’ve found and renovated for our owner associations have seen added value that far exceeds the investments done.

Below you'll find a few examples of our renovation projects on behalf of our owners/families in our European owner associations and locations.

Functionality, aesthetics & sustainability

To 21-5, acquiring unique properties around the world is a delicate matter. Every building project undergoes detailed planning and involves the local origin, culture, materials and craftsmanship.

When 21-5 chooses building materials, we therefore evaluate functionality, sustainability, aesthetics and costs.

Preservation of materials as solid wood, stone, shingles, granite, etc. contribute to the circular economy. Just like restored quality materials, the 21-5 sharing concept is strongly related to the circular economy. It simply makes sense.

We do not replace materials just because it is easier. For instance, where we can easily order a new replacement, we will rather sand and repaint an old wooden door if it is unique.

21-5 is partnering with local suppliers of recycled building materials, which we prefer to implement when possible. Surprisingly, recycled materials are not always less costly – they are not – but aesthetically, environmentally, and in terms of quality, it is often the right thing to do.

We are thoughtful and responsible in every detail, also in our ambition to minimize our carbon footprint and act environmentally responsible. We intend to continuously strengthen our sustainable and circular choices as we are moving forward on our journey. There are many initiatives we can take to reduce our impact on the global climate. Selection of building materials, many interior choices, use of better technology, etc. The list is long and no stone is left unturned. We are continually evaluating to improve.

Our goal is to create long term durable and beautiful homes, with healthy indoor climate, and all of the convenient comforts of a modern home, combined with being a positive contributor to the climate challenge.


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