The 21-5 concept

The booking system: "We get the weeks we want"

Second only to finding and creating five beautiful vacation homes for the families is the booking system. It's the hub of the owner association.

The benefit of owning your very own vacation home is obviously that no one else occupies the property, and you therefore can use it any time you want. 

Our booking system is designed to give our 21-5 families almost the same flexibility and experience when booking one or more weeks in their vacation homes. 

The feedback we receive regarding the booking system and the ability to get the requested weeks is: "We get the weeks we want - or a close second". For instance, if you want a certain week in Hawaii in February, then you either get; a. That week at your Hawaii home, or b. One week before or after that specific week at your Hawaii home, or c. That week but at another of your five vacation homes.

Our booking system is designed to accommodate both long term vacation planning but also those who like to schedule a spontaneous get-away, especially outside peak seasons. 

The online booking system is open 24/7 and very user friendly - also for non-techies .  :0)  


12 weeks on average per family

When 21 families co-own five vacation homes, they each have 12.38 weeks available in a normal year (in a leap year it's 12.61 weeks).

Our data shows that our 21-5 families on average enjoy their vacation homes 7-8 weeks every year, incl. lending the homes out to their close family and friends. 

This degree of utilization means that there is a lot of room in the annual booking schedule, which is ideal as we want to, not only provide the opportunity to book spontaneous vacations, but most importantly because we want our families to be able to get the weeks and locations they want. If there, for instance, was "only" 8 weeks available on average per family every year, our experience tells us quite clearly that there wouldn't be enough room in the booking schedule to fulfill our families priorities re. when and where to book their vacation homes. 

An average availability of 12 weeks per year has shown to be the sweet spot ensuring that our 21-5 families get their top priorities re. location and time fulfilled.

The composition of the families

In relation to the booking system, the composition of the families in the owner associations is very important. If we, for instance, assembled 21 families all with children in the school age, and they all wanted to book one of their vacation homes during the school holidays, we would have a serious bottleneck issue. Therefore it is critical that we assemble the owner associations to reflect a smooth demographic variation and thereby a spread in vacation time requirements. 
The booking system is an in-house proprietary system which enables us to continuously make small improvements based on the feedback we receive from our families and thereby maximize the joy of being a member of a 21-5 owner association. 


Intelligent points system

Each family receives annually 770 points to be used for booking their five vacation properties throughout the year. If you only book peak season weeks, you will have the vacation properties available for 5 weeks throughout the year. If you only book low season weeks, you will have up to 17 weeks available. The points are allocated to a specific calendar year and cannot be transferred from one year to the next (as we cannot create more weeks in a year..). There are some specific booking rules regarding the skiing season, so that everyone can get at least one week per year for a skiing/snow vacation. 

The points are released in batches of 55 points over the course of 14 weeks, divided into 2 x 7 weeks at the beginning and end of each previous year, which ensures a no-stress experience and, as mentioned before, accommodates both long term vacation planning and spontaneous get-aways.

Change-over days by type of vacation

We've seen that most of the 21-5 families use their vacation homes for a full calendar week, especially during peak seasons. Low season bookings tend to be for extended weekend vacations. We have therefore designed the booking system to have the change-over days accommodate the type of vacation. The change-over day is the day one family leaves their specific vacation home and it's made ready for the next family to arrive.


Not all points are released - to provide flexibility

Approximately 20% of the total points are held back in order to create space in the calendar year. This means that one of the five vacation homes in theory is available every week, but since peak seasons get more bookings, there's usually more than one home available every week outside peak seasons for a spontaneous vacation.


The booking system is continuously updated

The first 21-5 vacation homes were added to the booking system in 2012, and a vast number of bookings have been done ever since. This has provided unique data and experience so that we, on a continuous basis, can develop and improve the system. The feedback and suggestions we receive from our 21-5 owners/families are a key ingredient of the ongoing updates and improvements. Improvements and updates reflecting the daily user experience and needs of the owner associations.


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