The 21-5 concept

The reasons why

There are many good reasons why a share in a 21-5 owner association makes sense.

Much more bang for your buck. Every property represents a value of roughly four times your investment, and you will co-own five! You will get much more value compared to buying your own comparable vacation property.

No hassle. You won’t have to worry should a water pipe burst or a roof tile falls down. You have a professional support system in place to take care of your vacation homes.

You are not tied to one place. With a share in a 21-5 owner association, you have five beautiful vacation homes at five wonderful locations at your disposal.

Spoil your family and close friends. Give them a week in one of your five vacation homes, since you probably won’t use all the weeks you have available every year.

No financial liability. All the properties are purchased in cash to avoid any financial liabilities.

Good deals. The 21-5 team have the experience and knowledge to find and purchase vacation properties at price points you most likely would not be able to get on your own.

Added value through renovations. Our track record shows that our meticulous quality renovations have added significant market value to the more than 70 vacation properties we have purchased and transformed for our owners/families.

Win-win. Because of our prudent purchase skills and tasteful renovations, we have added more market value for our owner associations than the associated costs. A real win-win scenario.


From DK1's villa in Tuscany, Italy


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