Team Jazz

We transform furnished properties to beautiful and welcoming homes. This is not easily done. It takes insight, good taste and a steady hand - which is what our Team Jazz has.

Their focus is everything that’s not furniture, for instance kitchenware, TV, wifi, sound system, decor elements, basic non-perishables, etc. etc.

Team Jazz is essential for the transformation from a bland property to a warm welcoming home.

Besides “jazzing up” the homes with carefully selected interior design and accessories, each home will be supplied with coffee, the, spices, chips, chocolate, beer, water, wine, paper towel, toilet paper, tool, and much much more.

The sole objective is to ensure that the families feel at home from the second they arrive. "Wow, you thought of that too!” is common feedback we get.

Every home is selected, renovated, furnished and designed to be a place our owners want to come back to over and over again.

Check out the photo gallery below for some snapshots of Team Jazz and their work.

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